Video: Science Data Management in the USDA

The video I created about the Scientific Data Management Committee (SDMC) was a summation of the analysis I did for a report about the USDA, Office of the Chief Scientist and the SDMC. 

The existence of the SDMC, my curiosity about what need it was created to meet, and how it meets that need were the impetus that began this project. Through my coursework for an independent research project that linked with the Federal Libraries course summer 2013, I explored the SDMC, the Office of the Chief Scientist and the USDA.

Through personal interviews and research, I explored the Scientific Data Management Committee, how it functions, and the strengths and weaknesses of its operations. This video is a summation of some of my research. Librarians and information professionals are the audience. Information is intertwined into daily life (explored more fully in Core Knowledge: An Essay In Three Parts), particularly for researchers in applied science, like agriculture, which corroborated what I learned with SciData.

I developed the topic, suggested the outline, created the contacts, and conducted the interviews, in addition to gathering the information available to the general public. With these two sources of information, I synthesized a more complete understanding of the role of the SDMC, analyzed my findings to identify weaknesses and strengths, and produced this report detailing potential courses of action.

Competencies: Specialized Subject KnowledgeCommunication