Poster: Combating Zone Creep with Big Data

PDF of the Poster: Combating Zone Creep with Big Data

USDA Zone Map

I created the poster “Combating Zone Creep with Big Data” when I was exploring the connection between data and its reuse in agricultural applications. I presented this poster at International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists  (IAALD), at the biannual conference at Cornell University July 22-24, 2013.

The creation and presentation of this poster involved several important firsts for me as an information professional. I researched professional organizations at the intersection of agriculture and information science and chose  IAALD and USAIN (US Ag Info Network).  After joining the organizations, I responded to a refereed call for posters. I then designed and submitted my poster which was accepted, and I presented it at the conference.

Zone Creep is the migration of the Plant Hardiness Zones from their previously established parameters.

To combat the problems created by Zone Creep, we all need to communicate, and that takes connecting people with people, and people with information. Information professionals can use the both the old zone and new zone information to match established research to new areas that can benefit.

The new USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is a visual representation of Big Data, Long Data, and expert input. This is one example of using Big Data to create more accurate tools for people to use, and an example of Information Access. With the increased understanding of Zone Creep, any location-based enterprise, like a farm, can use this information that applies to the new zone, which more closely aligns variables in decision making.

Competencies: Knowledge Management MethodologiesCommunication