Future Plans

I entered this program anticipating it would be a terminal degree and I go back to the agricultural business world immediately after graduation. However, during my coursework I discovered other directions that I want to explore, such as PhD programs, and teaching at the university level. 

Through SciData, I learned about the data lifecycle and it whet my appetite to work with data from applied research to explore the ways that the data may be utilized for applications outside the original research intent. So, a different way to say it is a re-use of data, which is one of the aspects of a data scientist. I am interested in opportunities to do project management, particularly working with data management needs. I see myself working within the agriculture, policy, and information sciences disciplines as a teacher and explorer. I will use my Master’s of Information Sciences to serve diverse user-groups.

The trellis in my projected growth shows my framework for continued learning, and I have a plan for continued growth. I am exploring freelance and consulting work for farmers and ag sector nonprofits needing information management. The core stakeholders I seek to serve are students of/in agriculture, whether they are children, college freshmen, extension agents, or veteran farmers. For example, I am working with a farmer to establish an app that will link GIS data of grazing events with the date of grazing, the rainfall and heat units for that day. One professional opportunity I am exploring includes writing. I have published a review in the Journal of Food and Agriculture Information and am negotiating further opportunities to write for this journal and other publications. My master’s degree in information science gave me the grounding I need to write about information needs. I want to communicate that knowledge.

I want to integrate agriculture and information science, in addition to working to communicate accurate information about applied agriculture, potentially in the policy realm. In a sense, I want to bridge the research world and the farming world. Land-grant universities are linked with extension services to do exactly that, so to leverage current resource allocation, I am exploring educating extension personnel.

My growth in information science understanding over time.

My growth in information science understanding over time.