I am a graduate of the School of Information Sciences at the University of Tennessee (UT) where I integrate my passions in agriculture and information sciences. I was selected to be a SciData Scholar, a grant program sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarians Program. Attending UT has given me opportunities to connect the resources  of a land-grant university with an American Library Association (ALA) accredited program which was important to me for the integration and bridging of those two disciplines.

Please explore this eportfolio to find out more about what led me here, what I have learned in my master’s program and what I hope for the future. The links to Products, Core Knowledge, and Competencies will showcase products I’ve created in my time here, my understanding on core knowledge of information sciences, and my competencies in my profession, respectively.

The spectrum of my experiences during my Master’s program has included more than coursework. I have created opportunities professionally and personally that informed further exploration in a formal academic setting. In my journey I have sought to understand the intersection of agriculture, policy, and information sciences. As I have explored that intersection, I uncovered a desire to teach undergrads. I now plan to use the coming year to investigate PhD programs and the rich opportunities of what my degree can do in the working world. During this next year, I will explore how to layer communication, information sciences, and agriculture so I can teach those subjects at university level. I want to bridge all of these disciplines and show others the connections. This exploration will incorporate land grant university programs and the associated extension services. I see the need for extension educators to be trained in the data life cycle and want to find a way to conduct that training.

In addition to my pursuit of a PhD, in my professional career I will use the skills learned in my Master’s program to work with agriculture professionals, particularly farmers and producers, to ensure they have access to accurate information, data management tools, and to connect them to emerging technologies and communication channels. This work will allow me to hone my skills and continue to inform my professional development and educational choices in the future.